Daily Activities at the Residence

- The first activity takes place once we started the day (9:00) is to stroll through the garden, prepared for them, to each of the animals are in residence, either in groups or individually depending on the characteristics of animal.

- Care to everyone of the dogs who are following a particular therapy and observe and record the progress of each one of them. (This will be done as often as appropriate to the medical protocol to follow the animal).

- We change the water, feeders, drinkers and the kennels are cleaned with disinfectants and antiparasitic products. All this as many times as necessary. Not cleaned with a hose to prevent waterlogging.

- At noon they are up again at the residence to rest. And if it's much heat we give ice sausage they love.

- Again in the afternoon to take the animals back to the park and is used as both a review of the kennels (water, dirt, etc..) and feeds them. The food usually served in adult animals once daily in dogs with certain dietary treatments as often as directed therapy and twice daily in puppies or if the client prefers the animal to be used as well.

- We give them the afternoon game, running, chasing balls, playing with ropes, picking fruits from sausage tree, etc... At all times, have interactive toys within their kennels, their own toys that they brought with them. Common toys are disinfected.

- At night we reintroduced the dogs in paragraphs until tomorrow.