1. The dog came with your card veterinary vaccines to date (vaccine kennel cough), microchipped and properly wormed (internally and externally). If not so, the owner shall pay the amount of a pipette or necklace that we will provide us at time of entry of the animal to our residence. If your dog is with any veterinary treatment, at the time of your housing you must provide us the medicine you are taking. No dogs allowed viral diseases.

2. During the stay of the dog in the residence is provide top quality food, lodging, brushing, exercise and care needs on its own merits, and those special attentions which has entered the residence.

3. The food, preferably, to be paid by the owner, so the animal does not suffer gastrointestinal problems by changing diet. If not Residencia de las Nieves bring food with the appropriate fee.

4. The dogs have 24 hours of surveillance, since the equipment Residence lies in the center.

5. If during your stay at the residence of the dog will appreciate having symptoms of suffering from some illness, Residence de las Nieves will contact the owner at the phone number that would have provided.In the case of not being located or where the urgency of the occasion warrants, will be immediately transferred to the veterinary clinic habitual residence.

6. The payment of the contracted services will be invoiced and paid by 50% at the time of delivery and 50% at the time of collection of the dog.

7. The arrival date will be paid in full for whatever time that made it. The output includes full payment if the dog after 12 hours.

8. When two or more dogs come from the same house, they can be together unless otherwise instructed against their owner.

9. At Residencia de las Nieves stroll will take care of your pet, clean your room, monitor the supply and administer any medication that you wish, as prescribed by your veterinarian. This is reflected in a customized treatment to each pet.

10. Residencia de las Nieves excludes any responsibility for possible illness or accident of canine tenants.


When entering into a contract of entry where we collect all data of the stay date, diet, behavior, medications to apply, etc, and a copy to the owner. Therefore the owner should inform your dog's behavior, tastes, health problems or special needs diets.

During the stay we fill every day any incident that occurs in health or behavior of your pet as well as walking or treatments that apply to you. This worksheet is available to the owner upon departure of the animal.