The residence is located in Sierra de las Nieves (Yunquera, Málaga), in full Biosphere Reserve, the animals are in constant contact with nature and breathing fresh air.

Places are limited (10 max.) because we want to give a good individual service.

The garden (about 3000m2) has much natural space where they can run and play with peers and lost many places where discovering new smells.

The dogs are accompanied by 24 hours because we live in the area of residence and not feel abandoned.

The walls of the kennels are painted green, using color therapy to bring the animals located there more calm and relaxation, balancing energy for better and with a restorative stay. The floor is ceramic tile.

In addition to color therapy we apply music therapy, both at dawn, dusk and during the afternoon break, with music appropriate to each situation, to have a relaxing break and a lively wake.

The beds are elevated to insulate the soil and have soft mattresses to rest with a warm and friendly.

For maximum hygiene and drinking troughs of the residence are stainless steel or ceramic, also supported proper feeding and watering your pet as well as bedding and toys.

Hygiene is daily and continuous basis, both indoors and outdoors.

The kennels are not cleaned hose to prevent waterlogging and mushrooms, washed with disinfectant and dried before they enter pets.

Additional services that we are Excursions to the mountains, Swimming pool in summer for dogs who like water, TTouch Massage, Training, Agility, etc.